S02E09 – In the shoes of an Electronic Music Artist with Ain TheMachine (full episode)


Ain TheMachine is electronic music as you’ve never seen – Techno beats are generated live using the body’s sounds. The man behind Ain TheMachine – Diego is an ingenious music artist based out of Berlin and has gathered a following in the recent years thanks to his innovative music style and creative production. Diego and I discuss diverse range of topics including his music style, how he reverse engineers music and the creative liberties he takes. We also talk about learning by doing, experimentation and path to creativity. I am so excited to share this episode with all of you, and I trust, like me, you will will fall in love with his music. 

You can reach Diego aka Ain The Machine at https://www.ainthemachine.com/ Find his music at Spotify and Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/ainthemachine)

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This is the Season 2 of the In Your Shoes podcast. The podcast aims to get into the shoes of a person like you and me, and learn about their career stories and experiences. Through this conversation, we will uncover insights and pearls of wisdom which will hopefully inspire you and expand your thinking. We are doing something different this season. Apart from the full length show, we will also expand on topics of interest that emerge during the conversation. These will be distributed as special episodes which are short, targeted and provide you with the context when you are short on time.

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