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A podcast for you to learn more about new people and professions from around the world. Journey to understand the life and times of a new person and get a chance to get in their shoes to learn what they do, how they do and why they do.


S02E07 – In the shoes of a Research Scientist with Suman Bose (full episode)

Summary Suman is a Research Scientist and is currently an NIH Pathway to Independence Fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Robert Langer and Prof. Daniel Anderson at MIT. In this episode, we learn about his career journey moving from engineering to medical sciences, role of inter-disciplinary thinking and much more. We also discuss the future…More

the Host

Vivek Juneja

Full time engineering leader, part time programmer and learning to be a curious by getting to speak to wonderful human beings as a host of the podcast. I am deeply interested in human behavior, decision making, software development and leadership.

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